Confession or Interrogation

I recently caused quite a stir in my org when I refused to subject myself to an HCO confessional. Although I was asking to leave staff, I contended that I was not undergoing any justice action, and therefore doing an HCO confessional was inappropriate. [Ref: HCOB – CONFESSIONAL PROCEDURE] In fact, the HCO PL – LEAVING AND LEAVES, which is the policy that dictates that a staff requesting to leave should get a confessional, does not specifically state that it should be an HCO confessional. 

The specific point that makes a difference between a regular confessional and an HCO confessional is whether or not the information disclosed is reported to HCO and can be acted on by the Ethics Officer. Normally, divulging the secrets of a confessional would be against point number 22 of the Auditor’s Code.  It would also be a violation of the common law called “confessional privilege” and the basic human right against “self-incrimination.” In actuality, making a person answer questions in this nature would be more appropriately called an “interrogation” not a confession. [See “HCO Security Checks”]

I therefore told the C/S and my Auditor (who is a Class VI on OT VII) that I would be happy to do a regular confessional that is governed by the Auditor’s Code, that I would be happy to answer any questions and divulge whatever “secrets” I might have as long as they were protected by the normal privilege afforded such confessions.  Indeed, I have nothing to hide.

I didn’t think that that was an unreasonable request. Of course, they had no reality at all on why I was refusing.  They kept trying to explain to my how this is just the way that things are done, how it is all about me “coming clean” and then working with the Ethics Officer to “handle” whatever comes up.  Their whole approach was that this was just something that I would have to get through if I wanted to continue as a staff member or even as a Scientologist.

Of course, I continued to refuse as was my right.  I assumed that if they ultimately had my best interests in mind, they would allow me as the preclear to get what I wanted.  However, what I was told instead was that if I refused the HCO confessional that I would be comm ev’ed and most likely get declared.

I was incredulous!  I know this is nothing compared to the “group confessionals” that others have been subjected to; however, I was still struck with how crazy things have become in the Church today. It’s sad to see how the help of true Scientology has been degraded into such a betrayal of trust.


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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5 Responses to Confession or Interrogation

  1. Huh? says:

    In March you wrote “My Explanation for Leaving”, but you now state that you “recently caused quite a stir” in your org. Are you in or out?

    • I don’t think it is as black and white as “in” or “out”. I still consider myself a Scientologist even though I am not interested in continuing as a member of the Church. And I consider ALL Scientologists (whether in or out) my friends. I’m not interested in a schism amongst us. That is the Church’s doing!

      Right now I am attempting to leave without getting declared. That may or may not be possible. However, there are those that I would like to take with me, and it would not serve my purpose to get declared right now. So, I am still in the process of “handling” the suppression at the moment.

  2. freebeeing says:

    This blog is a guarantee of you getting declared. Your attempts to take others with you is another reason you will be declared. Just accept that you are going to be declared (if you haven’t been already – they don’t even tell you that you have been these days). You have left the Co$. There are thousands that have left and practice scientology in the “freezone”. I wish you good luck in taking yours friends with you. As you are well aware that is going to be a difficult thing to do. I would encourage you to make it clear to your friends that they can get their entire bridge outside DM’s nightmare.

    • I prefer for the moment to be under cover. However, I do realize that I have sealed my eventual fate with this blog.

      • Davis Rios says:

        Class IV, there is only one friend you can afford to have for the time being : yourself !!!
        Watch your back pal !!!
        Things in the “field” are not as you think they are.

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