“Quickie” Grades

A lot has been said about the “new” Grades at Flag being quickied. Technically a “quickie” Grade would be only running the Quad for that Grade without any of the Expanded Grades processes. [Ref: HCOB 30 Oct. 71 – TRIPLE GRADES VS. EXPANDED]

“QUICKIE LOWER GRADES (also called ‘Triple Grades’) means one F/N for each of three flows or 3 F/Ns per grade.”

Flag is not doing that. However, it is true the “new” Grades checklists have been reduced from the 1987 Expanded Grades Checklist. [More than that I cannot say due to the bond that RTC forced me to sign.]

I don’t necessarily have a problem with the reduction, especially because the current Grades checklists seem to have been arbitrarily compiled:

“In 1987 DM ordered that the existing Grades Process Checklists, which were BTBs at the time, be converted to HCOBs. Further, he ordered that these checklists be expanded to include every single process that could be found that related to each Grade. DM personally approved every checklist and personally reviewed every process being added to the Grades and signed off on every individual CSW.” – Joe Howard: [Ref: markrathbun.wordpress.com]

The 1987 Grades Checklists certainly do go way beyond the processes that LRH listed in the training column of the 1968 Classification Chart. Plus, I have experienced quite a few instances where my PC’s got overrun due to C/S’s requiring every process on the checklist be run.

Of course, that could be mitigated to some degree if the following was thoroughly applied by all C/S’s:

“Now and then before the full major action is complete or before all the grade processes are run, the pc will attain the ability of the grade or the end phenomena of the action.

“This is particularly true of valence shifters or Interiorization Rundowns and can happen in grades.

“The auditor should recognize it and, with the F/N VGIs always present at such moments, end off.” [Ref: HCOB 23 Aug. 71R – C/S Series 1 – AUDITOR’S RIGHTS]

I believe that the real reason that the Grades have been taking much longer to complete than a couple intensives each is entirely due to overrun caused by F/N abuse, e.g. Auditors trying to get every single question on the checklist to F/N while sitting there “waiting for their meters to play Dixie” or for the needle to swing a certain number of times before calling it. [See “Floating Needles”]

If an Auditor applied HCOB “Checking Questions on Grades Processes” appropriately, then theoretically it wouldn’t matter how long the list was. If there was no charge (and the PC was in-session) then the list should just F/N. If not, then it would be beneficial to run out whatever TA was available for the benefit of the P/C.

What really bothers me about these “new” Grades is that they have existed at Flag since at least 2009. I was even assured by the RTC Rep. at the Oak Cove that these checklists were “not pilots.” The question that begs to be asked is: why then haven’t they been exported to other orgs yet? 

Then, when you look at how these Grades have been promoted by Flag as being able to be completed in only one intensive each… Things start to sound really fishy. 

“A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES…

8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade 0 in 3 minutes”, etc.

9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations…

The puzzle of the decline of the entire Scientology network in the late 60s is entirely answered by the actions taken to shorten time in study and in processing by deleting materials and actions.” [HCO PL 17 June 1970RB Technical Degrades]

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“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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2 Responses to “Quickie” Grades

  1. freebeeing says:

    The promotion certainly qualifies as a “Tech Degrade” to me. Also ripping off grades PCs from lower orgs is suppressive.

  2. awesome site says:

    I completely agree

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