Scientology and Truth

I talk a great deal about the virtues of “truth.”  It’s a basic concept that all of science, technology, philosophy, and religion are founded on (or should be) in my opinion. However, sometimes I think that the meaning of “truth”, or at least the practice of it can sometimes be lost. For this reason, I would like to clarify.

In Scientologese, “truth” is defined as “the exact consideration” or “the exact time, place, form and event” (Axiom 38.)  This definition is very important to the success of auditing, as almost every process is based in some fashion or another on this axiom.

LRH expands on this in the lecture entitled “Standard Tech Defined” given on 27 September 1968:

“So anyway, Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT. And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So the subject is very, very well named.

“And that’s what Scientology means. It’s the study of truth, to which could be added the technology of achieving truth.”

In other words the truth IS what Scientology is all about (or at least should be.)  There’s no arguing with the truth. Because, it is what is.  And it works to the degree that it aligns with the truth and no more.  Who wouldn’t want to know more about that?

It’s unfortunate however that a group whose principles (and very name) are supposed to be based on truth can stray so far away from it that they would inspire a reaction such as The Truth Rundown.  How did this happen?

Maybe it’s because the members of that group didn’t follow what LRH suggested they do in HCO PL 9 JAN 51 – AN ESSAY ON MANGEMENT:

“Hook up an abundance of communication lines to fill their various needs, keep the communications terse, keep the communications wholly honest and drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.”

Ultimately, the situation such as what I discuss in My Eval probably came about because we allowed the following policy (from the same HCO PL) to be violated in the selection of our leadership:

Choose in its posts of trust, high-theta personnel who plan creatively and constructively in expanding terms rather than ‘emergency’ terms. Keep out of office the death-talkers who pervert or selectively censor communications or cut lines to gain power, who postulate opportunistic but dire realities and who, perverting affinity, have no love for man.”

In the end, the truth still remains no matter what you want to call it.  And it is the truth that the real Road to Freedom is made of.

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What is Standard Tech

I think there has been some confusion for Scientologists as to what exactly “Standard Tech” is, especially because it is a term that has often been used synonymously with KSW #1 to make Auditors wrong, and suppress PC’s with Black Scientology.  For this reason, I would like to clarify exactly what Standard Tech means (at least to me.)

One of the best definitions in my opinion is in the LRH lecture entitled “Standard Tech Defined” given on 27 September 1968:

“A science is a body of truths. A technology is a body of truths. Now somebody who can’t confront action, or something like that, thinks a truth would be a datum of some kind or another. Well a truth can also be an action. And the road through all of the untruths of a person, from all the way south to all the way north has been mapped. It exists. It has been on a chart for years. There have been bulletins which announced its’ processes. The doingness of those processes are exact, precise. There aren’t two ways to do them. There is one way to do them.

“And that is what you are here learning. And if you can’t learn that basic fundamental you might as well quit now. You are not learning this wide subject of philosophy.

“You’re not learning every student’s got a chance to think his own opinion right now. You’re not learning that right now. You’re learning the technical application of exactly how it is done, exactly to whom it is done, exactly and precisely the steps and actions taken to an exact, precise results. And that’s what you’re learning. And you haven’t anything to do with how many needles sit on the head of an angel.”

The key note is of course “results.”  When applied correctly Standard Tech gets results. That’s the whole point. Without results, robotically following some set of rules is pointless.

If we were talking about building an actual bridge across a chasm (and not just an allegorical one) then I don’t think there would be much argument that in order to achieve the end result we would need to apply certain unalterable rules of the subject of engineering. Unless we wanted to have a bridge that collapsed and killed people that is.

Likewise, any argument about KSW #1 (or Scientology as a technology) being destructive can be defused with this one definition. There is no doubt that a technology can be used for something other than what it was intended, or be corrupted into something that it originally wasn’t.  But, you can’t argue with results.  I don’t think anyone would argue that a “road through all of the untruths of a person,” or actually helping someone achieve greater ability and happiness, is a bad thing. Unless that person were a psychopath that is.

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Has a Withhold Been Missed?

At the beginning of every Scientology auditing program the preclear (pc) is asked the question: “Has a withhold been missed?”  This is to make sure that the pc has no attention on anything other than the present-time session.  The original intention was for this to be a quick and simple procedure. However, it has become something entirely different.  When applied as dictated by the Golden Age of Tech it can sometimes take hours and turn into an entire session in itself.  This often creates further upsets and unwillingness for the pc to continue the session, or even continue auditing at all.

This was something that bothered me for quite a while.  I knew that there must be something non-Standard responsible for this technology to not work as it was supposed to. So, I re-studied every reference on missed withholds, and cleared up every misunderstood.  Of course, I also made sure that my TRs and metering were impeccable so that any difficulties weren’t due to my own Auditor basics. What I found however was that the source of the Out-tech wasn’t me. It took a while, but I believe I have finally solved the mystery, and I would like to share it with those who might benefit from this discovery.

In the essay entitled The “Missed” Withhold I make clear just how this simple bit of technology is being misapplied by every Auditor within the Church, and how that can affect the cases of every preclear.  And of course, in doing this, I also direct you to the correct Tech as the solution.

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Undeniable Proof That LRH Tech Has Been Altered

PDC TranscriptsI had previously written about a particular quote from a lecture LRH gave on 6 December 1952, entitled “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic.” (See “Scientology’s 1984“) This lecture is of significant importance because it is undeniable proof that LRH tech has been altered by the Church.

This lecture was the 20th installment of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course and was originally recorded onto reel-to-reel tapes, and then later in 1982 was re-recorded in cassette format.  It just so happens that I got my hands on an original copy of these tapes and their transcripts.  And if you compare this version with the new “Golden Age of Knowledge” version that was re-produced onto compact disc in 2007, you will notice some very significant differences.

See for yourself by opening the following links:

1982 PDC #20 pgs 49-50

2007 PDC #20 pg 84

If “seeing is believing,” then I’m not sure how anyone could see this and not think that something is awfully wrong with this picture. And if those within the Church who are still hanging on to the last shreds of their Kool-Aid induced fantasy want to tell you that you are the crazy one, then just show them this.  The truth is undeniable!

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Going the Distance

The following communication was sent to my girlfriend who has now disconnected from me as a result of my current “standing” in the Church.  I decided to post it here because it is a great example of the difference between those who actually apply LRH Tech and those who don’t (i.e. the corporate Church of Scientology.)  Although she may have cut our comm line as mandated, I still decided to leave the door open. 


Dear [Jane],

I think you were right when you said that the problem is that our “goals and dynamics are not aligned.” When I’ve been told that before, I’ve thought that it was a cop out because it could be an explanation for just about anything that goes wrong. However, I’ve thought about it and it makes a lot of sense in our case at least. I never could understand how I could love someone so much and apparently have so much in common, but then have such difficulty and upset. It was such a mystery! I’ve considered missed-withholds, which are a factor, but not the cause. I’ve considered PTSness and false data, but trying to handle such things didn’t lead to a solution either. Then I read this quote and had a realization I’d like to share.

“When an item in the scale [Admin Scale] is not aligned with the other items, the project will be hindered if not fail.

“The skill with which all these items in any activity are aligned and gotten into action is called MANAGEMENT.

“Group members only become upset when one or more of these points are not aligned to the rest and at least some group agreement.

“Groups appear slow, inefficient, unhappy, inactive or quarrelsome only when these items are not aligned, made known and coordinated.”

“As out-reality breeds out-comm and out-affinity, it follows that unreal items on the scale (not aligned) produce ARC breaks, upsets and disaffections.”


I realized that our dynamics are actually very aligned on the first and second dynamics. It’s our third dynamics that are the problem. We both had groups (friends and orgs) prior to meeting eachother and never actually reconciled them and mutually created something together. This IS the source of our upsets and problems I believe. I think that we could have had an amazing relationship/marriage otherwise.

But there are two goals/purposes that I see as unaligned between us, that have brought us to this point. I would like you to think them over and see if you agree. Because, I believe that we will never be able to fulfill our love and mutual desire to create a life together until they are resolved.

The first is that a 2D relationship has to come before any other group (friends, extended family, work, community or church) for it to survive in the long run. Only one’s personal survival would come before that. That is rule #1 as far as relationships go for me. I know I’ve stated this before, but I needed to reiterate it here in this context. For, I think if you actually look at the logic of this rule, you will see that it is a basic law of interaction amongst dynamics. Any relationship that doesn’t adopt it, will eventually fail in the face of pressure from other groups. And other groups, and ultimately all of mankind, will fail if it doesn’t respect and protect the sanctity of this most basic group (marriages and family units.)

The second issue I believe is our basic purposes involving the technology of Scientology. I know this is a touchy subject, but I would like to be as open as possible regarding this for the sake of understanding. Because, ultimately I think that you and I are actually very aligned regarding this.

My basic purpose for the Tech is to “help improve conditions on the dynamics.” That may sound like a rote statement; however, it is something very meaningful to me. It means going up the Bridge. It means getting trained. It means Standardly auditing myself and others. And it means KSW #1.

When I completed my Doubt Formula I concluded most definitely that the group that I must remain in is: “Those who apply Standard Tech.” A curious thing occurred after announcing that however. It became more and more apparent that a large number of the people that were on my lines were not a part of that group. The fact is that there IS out-Tech being perpetrated wholesale in the Church.

What I truly care about is that students and PC’s receive Standard Tech and actually make it up the Bridge. However, I know you know that that is not the case – at least not on the scale that it should be – especially not in our own orgs, and in our own course rooms and auditing rooms. The reason is ultimately OUT-TECH.

I think you would at least agree with that last statement. However, all I would ask is that you look. Don’t take my word for it. [Which I know you wouldn’t anyways – something I love about you!] I know you can see the truth. I have faith in you. I believe that you have the strength of character and will to persevere no matter the pressures you may receive from others who don’t agree with you. And I believe in us.

I am here. I remain a part of OUR group. And I am willing to go the distance if you are.

Love, [Joe]

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My Declaration

I recently received the following message from one of my Facebook friends:

“Hi… I was on staff with you in Pasadena! I was told to remove you from my friends due to SP… But, I would actually like to know your side of the story before I just delete someone that has never done me any harm! I have seen too much of this lately with SP’s, and myself gone through things!”

I did appreciate that she had the courage to actually confront me and get in communication with me despite being told to disconnect from me. However, I found it quite disturbing that she was the first one I was hearing about this from. So, I asked her who she was told this by, and her response was:

“[The Dir I&R] from Pasadena Org sent me a msg.”

So, I sent a text to the Dir I&R in order to confirm that I was declared, and she said:

“Here is the DSA number (626) 818-####. Ask her.”

Although, that’s not really an acknowledgement, it certainly isn’t a denial. So, I texted the DSA and simply asked if she could confirm. As of yet, I have not received a response. And if similar stories about how the Church handles these sorts of issues are any indication, I doubt I actually will get any response.

Of course, this is proof of the practice of Disconnection as a Condition even though all of this is would go against “official” Church policy.  I can only assume that the reason for this is because an OSA agent has discovered this blog. However, what High Crime(s) have I actually committed? Let’s take a look at some of those listed in HCO PL 7 Mar 65RB I (a.k.a. HCO PL 23 Dec 65) – Suppressive Acts – Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

I suppose it could be claimed that I have committed a high crime by “publicly departing Scientology.” [See My Explanation for Leaving] However, I have never departed Scientology! On the contrary, what I have actually done is rededicated myself to Standard Scientology. The confusion is in the identification of the ideology of Scientology with the Church of Scientology. These two things are not the same. I have left the Church, but I can never leave Scientology.

Maybe the charge then is “Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology organizations.” However, once again I believe that it is the reverse that has occurred. I have never publicly denied a connection with or knowledge of Scientology or any Scientologist. Although, that is exactly what other members of the Church have been encouraged to do by disconnecting from me!

It’s possible that my blog about A Staff Member Admits to Committing a Crime could be considered a “Public statement against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.” In this I may be guilty. However, I think that my actions should be mitigated by the fact that I was merely attempting to apply a lower Ethics Gradient by “Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.” It just so happens that this blog is a comm line for me to do that.  And, in actuality, it was I who was injured by a crime in this case, which specifically included a written defamation. I could have brought a libel suit for such an action. However, my intention was not to cause harm to a Scientologist. My purpose was to help get some real Ethics in.

The biggie is probably statements I have made about C.O.B. such as “David Miscavige Must Go.” This could be considered “Engaging in malicious rumormongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to ‘safeguard’ a position.” Perhaps, I am truly interested in undermining his authority. But, that’s because I consider it illegitimate and abused. And I am not spreading rumors, nor have I acted out of anything but concern for the future of Scientology. I have instead submitted numerous Knowledge Reports detailing factual evidence to the proper authorities.  But, of course, these reports fell on deaf ears.

Despite all of this, I still find it really hard to believe that if LRH were still around, he would declare me a suppressive person for what I have done. I imagine he would have rather applauded me for being expelled from a suppressive organization. For, it is better that I no longer be confused for someone who supports such a group. Indeed, for me to continue to do so would truly mark me as a suppressive person.

I will instead take this as a final declaration of my independence from the Church. For, there will come a day when Auditors of the world will unite and finally overthrow this monster. And on that day I will be able to look back and at least say that I did not stand idly by and do nothing.

UPDATE: 5 August 2013, I have finally received a response from the DSA in the form of a meeting in the parking lot outside a local Mission in order to show me the official Declare Order.  Indeed, I was charged with the above “High Crimes”, plus a couple more for good measure.  So, it’s official. In the last couple of days the DSA has been contacting every Scientologist that I have known in order to show them my goldenrod, and to inform then that they will get declared as well unless they disconnect from me.  So, I guess it’s time for me to “come out of the closet” as it were.  I’ll have updated my About Me page with my real name and a more detailed bio.

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Getting Declared

Well, it looks like I am soon to be officially declared a Suppressive Person (SP) by the Church.  I suppose I knew that this would inevitably be the result of my actions. However, it’s still not something that is easy to confront.  It makes me consider just how far the Church has fallen into the depths of insanity.

You don’t not have to look far if you have been in Scientology for any amount of time before you encounter an Ethics Order (or so-called “goldenrod”) posted on a bulletin board claiming that some long-time Scientologist is now to be considered a Suppressive Person and is to be shunned or disconnected from.  It raises the question: how is it that a person who has been an active and productive Scientologist (even a staff member) for many years is all of a sudden found to be a Suppressive Person?  In other words, these people are now considered insane and a threat to all Scientologists even though they have demonstrated for years that that was not the case.

There are numerous examples of this occurring, even to some of the top executives of International Management.  Many of these people were also highly-trained and very high on the Bridge.  It begs the question: how is it possible that such people, even after having Scientology extensively applied to them, could still end up being a Suppressive Person?  Scientology is supposed to handle the causes of insanity right?  Declaring such people would give one the idea that Scientology doesn’t work.

Now, obviously no one except for the person declared and whoever issued the goldenrod will ever know the whole story in each individual case.  One could simply evaluate that since a person is declared then he or she must have done something suppressive, and that is that, end of story.  There is no argument here that whatever the declared person actually did is acceptable and shouldn’t be corrected.  However, the question that must be asked is: what led that person to commit such acts?  And how is declaring that person a solution to the problem?

The argument made here is that if Scientology works, then it should be able to produce an ethical OT, not an SP.  And when Scientology fails, it is a matter of KSW #1, not that the person it is applied to is somehow the reason for its failure. Furthermore, when carelessly thrown around, SP Declares combined with an obligatory policy of disconnection can be very damaging to the credibility and acceptance of Scientology as a whole. [See “Disconnection as a Condition”]

There’s no way to positively confirm how many SP’s have actually been declared to date because the lists are no longer being broadly published. However, FLAG ED 2830 – SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS AND SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS LIST which was released in September of 1991 does give some insight.  It listed over 5000 individuals, many of which were old-time Scientologists, personal friends of LRH, high ranking Sea Org members, OT VII’s, and even Class XII auditors personally trained by LRH.  And I can only assume that the list has grown to an even greater monstrosity in the 21 years since then.

I somehow doubt that LRH would have intended this to happen.

“You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.” [Lecture 19 July 1966, “About Rhodesia”]

It makes me wonder if even LRH himself would have ended up getting declared by today’s Church just like the rest of us.  Regardless, I do feel like I am in good company as one of the “Suppressive Persons.”

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