Scientology and Truth

I talk a great deal about the virtues of “truth.”  It’s a basic concept that all of science, technology, philosophy, and religion are founded on (or should be) in my opinion. However, sometimes I think that the meaning of “truth”, or at least the practice of it can sometimes be lost. For this reason, I would like to clarify.

In Scientologese, “truth” is defined as “the exact consideration” or “the exact time, place, form and event” (Axiom 38.)  This definition is very important to the success of auditing, as almost every process is based in some fashion or another on this axiom.

LRH expands on this in the lecture entitled “Standard Tech Defined” given on 27 September 1968:

“So anyway, Scientology is well named. It is the road to truth. It is a study of the truth. And total truth is total power. And when the guy hasn’t got any lies left in him he’s OT. And all the mechanics of OT work out too. So the subject is very, very well named.

“And that’s what Scientology means. It’s the study of truth, to which could be added the technology of achieving truth.”

In other words the truth IS what Scientology is all about (or at least should be.)  There’s no arguing with the truth. Because, it is what is.  And it works to the degree that it aligns with the truth and no more.  Who wouldn’t want to know more about that?

It’s unfortunate however that a group whose principles (and very name) are supposed to be based on truth can stray so far away from it that they would inspire a reaction such as The Truth Rundown.  How did this happen?

Maybe it’s because the members of that group didn’t follow what LRH suggested they do in HCO PL 9 JAN 51 – AN ESSAY ON MANGEMENT:

“Hook up an abundance of communication lines to fill their various needs, keep the communications terse, keep the communications wholly honest and drop no curtains between the organization and the public about anything.”

Ultimately, the situation such as what I discuss in My Eval probably came about because we allowed the following policy (from the same HCO PL) to be violated in the selection of our leadership:

Choose in its posts of trust, high-theta personnel who plan creatively and constructively in expanding terms rather than ‘emergency’ terms. Keep out of office the death-talkers who pervert or selectively censor communications or cut lines to gain power, who postulate opportunistic but dire realities and who, perverting affinity, have no love for man.”

In the end, the truth still remains no matter what you want to call it.  And it is the truth that the real Road to Freedom is made of.


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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