This page is dedicate to all the research I have done into what I consider “Out-Tech” in the current Church of Scientology.  It represents dozens of hours of pouring through every reference that I could find on these subjects, and then putting it all together into something that makes conceptual sense.  Most of it is very technical in nature, and would probably not be of interest to someone who is not Auditor-trained. However, if you are as passionate about Standard Tech as I am, then hopefully this research will be helpful to you.

Here are some of the major technical out-points that I have personally looked into:

  • Excessive use of “left-hand buttons” in order to get a question or item to read, instead of handling the actual reasons for why something doesn’t read on the meter. [See Left-hand Buttons]
  • Using “Misunderstood” as a button in the same fashion as Suppress, i.e. taking up the original question when it reads instead of actually finding what was misunderstood. [See Misunderstood Button]
  • By-passing charge on pc’s by leaving reading rudiments or buttons unhandled. [See Use of Buttons]
  • Overruning processes and bypassing charge at the Examiner by waiting for an F/N to have “three swings” before calling it. [See Floating Needles]
  • Unauthorized O/W lists run out-of-session by untrained terminals. [See A-J Meter Checks]
  • Use of “disconnection” for Justice purposes in lieu of Standard PTS Tech, especially in the case where the SP is a family member. [See Disconnection as a Condition]
  • Extensive use of HCO Security Checks for the purpose of investigation instead of case gain, especially when not utilized solely for Justice purposes. [See HCO Security Checks]
  • Alteration of LRH written works without proper authority and to the detriment of the application or administration of Scientology technology. [See HCOB 16 April 1982]
  • Focusing organizational efforts and resources towards the expansion of facilities as opposed to delivery of services. [See Ideal Orgs]
  • Alteration of the missed withhold rudiment resulting in even more withholds being missed on preclears. [See The “Missed” Withhold

I only ask that when considering what I discuss in these essays please always keep in mind the following dictum from KSW #1:

“There remains, of course, group tabulation or coordination of what has been done, which will be valuable-only so long as it does not seek to alter basic principles and successful applications.”


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