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???????????????????????????????Hello! My name is Shawn Nagano, and I am a Scientologist by the true definition of the word. I have been successfully applying the technology of Scientology to improve conditions in life for over twenty years. I have been a staff member at Seattle and Pasadena Orgs. I am a Flag-trained Class IV Auditor and I am Clear.

As of 5 August 2013, I have officially been declared a Suppressive Person by the Church. However, the truth is I have never had any intent to harm the Church regardless of how much I have disagreed with how it is currently being run. To the contrary! I have spent half my life dedicated to forwarding its basic purpose.

I still wholeheartedly support the actual religion or ideology of Scientology and its practical application.  What I truly want is for it to succeed in helping people live happier, freer lives. That is my real purpose as a Scientologist.

I currently do not consider myself a part of any “group” besides those who apply Standard Tech for the sake of helping to free beings. As such, I continue to be active as a Field Auditor, and I am adamant about providing the most Standard auditing possible for my preclears.

One of the main reasons I started writing this blog was to document  all of the research I have done into what I consider “Out-Tech” in the current Church of Scientology. This represents dozens of hours of exhaustive study pouring through every available reference with the purpose of making the necessary corrections to my own auditing procedures.  I have provided  it here for anyone who might find it helpful.

I am not interested in getting caught up in any kind of war between those that are no longer part of the Church versus those that are still “in.”  However, I do realize that Auditors like myself are under attack, and that something does need to be done about it.  

I understand that I am continuing to challenge the powers-that-be by speaking out through this blog. However, the situation in my opinion has come to this point.  And I believe it is always better to communicate than to not communicate. And it is always better to do something, rather than nothing. Besides, it’s very therapeutic to write about this stuff even if no one ends up reading it.

-Shawn Nagano, Class IV Auditor



7 Responses to About Me

  1. Poet13c says:

    An excellent blog, Class IV Auditor. Well done for speaking up. And yes, it’s therapeutic to write, but also to read. Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.
    Best wishes,

  2. freebeeing says:

    Yes indeed, an excellent blog! Keep digging. I am a CL V & Clear. I understand your frustrations. I left over 4 years ago, and should have left when GAT came out. Ah the $100’s of thousands I would have saved… I’ve actually found even more effective tech than Scientology since getting out, it’s very eye-opening to be able to get the complete picture. It does require a lot of looking and discernment. There are highly trained auditors in the field. Join their ranks! Free yourself and others – it is a noble pursuit.

  3. Randy Smith says:

    Great blog – cogent and incisive! Please contact me as I was Snr CS Pasadena for years back in the 90’s, now an active Indie auditor –

  4. PF says:

    Hi, Class IV Auditor. I’ve read your entire blog. I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to put it all in writing and available on the net. Quality data neatly put forward. My experience hasn’t been much dissimilar to yours. Like you say elsewhere, all I care about really is Standard Tech. I don’t care for fights or “taking sides” or going into any kind of war, but I certainly care for the future of Standard Scn Tech, which I can see is clearly in danger as of today. I’d be very pleased to get in comm with you, if you care to contact me. 🙂

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