The Withhold Being Missed on Us All

To any Scientologist who happens to read this, I say “open your eyes!” I know you see the Church dying right before your eyes.

I understand that it is against the policies of the Church to spread malicious rumors to discredit Scientology or Scientologists.  That is not the intention here.  I have nothing bad to say about Scientology (LRH Tech) or Scientologists (those who apply LRH Tech.) However, wouldn’t it be an even bigger overt to just sit back and do nothing while Scientology itself is destroyed?  I mean, what if the management of the Church were actually suppressing Scientology?  What should we do then?

I know that most of us have kept our mouth shut because we have been taught that any “natter” is merely a symptom  of our own withholds.  That may be the case.  However, if you see what I do, then I would like to indicate that:


The withhold being missed is that we are allowing the only hope for mankind to be suppressed into non-existence. But, that is a withhold that no Scientologist will accept. That’s an overt that most Scientologists are afraid to even think about. In other words it’s completely suppressed. That’s the cruel joke that has been run on us.  We are told to stop “nattering”, and then subjected to accusative interrogations to find out what our hidden withholds are.  However, the true withhold must never be divulged for fear of naming the Church as the suppressor.

We are told instead to “take responsibility.” Well, I say do just that!  Responsibility does not involve looking the other way and doing nothing.  Nor does it involve being meek, or shrinking under threats and duress. There comes a point where a true Scientologist must stand up and do something about it.

Even COB is not beyond reproach. There comes a point where he too must take responsibility for his crimes. 


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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