Getting Declared

Well, it looks like I am soon to be officially declared a Suppressive Person (SP) by the Church.  I suppose I knew that this would inevitably be the result of my actions. However, it’s still not something that is easy to confront.  It makes me consider just how far the Church has fallen into the depths of insanity.

You don’t not have to look far if you have been in Scientology for any amount of time before you encounter an Ethics Order (or so-called “goldenrod”) posted on a bulletin board claiming that some long-time Scientologist is now to be considered a Suppressive Person and is to be shunned or disconnected from.  It raises the question: how is it that a person who has been an active and productive Scientologist (even a staff member) for many years is all of a sudden found to be a Suppressive Person?  In other words, these people are now considered insane and a threat to all Scientologists even though they have demonstrated for years that that was not the case.

There are numerous examples of this occurring, even to some of the top executives of International Management.  Many of these people were also highly-trained and very high on the Bridge.  It begs the question: how is it possible that such people, even after having Scientology extensively applied to them, could still end up being a Suppressive Person?  Scientology is supposed to handle the causes of insanity right?  Declaring such people would give one the idea that Scientology doesn’t work.

Now, obviously no one except for the person declared and whoever issued the goldenrod will ever know the whole story in each individual case.  One could simply evaluate that since a person is declared then he or she must have done something suppressive, and that is that, end of story.  There is no argument here that whatever the declared person actually did is acceptable and shouldn’t be corrected.  However, the question that must be asked is: what led that person to commit such acts?  And how is declaring that person a solution to the problem?

The argument made here is that if Scientology works, then it should be able to produce an ethical OT, not an SP.  And when Scientology fails, it is a matter of KSW #1, not that the person it is applied to is somehow the reason for its failure. Furthermore, when carelessly thrown around, SP Declares combined with an obligatory policy of disconnection can be very damaging to the credibility and acceptance of Scientology as a whole. [See “Disconnection as a Condition”]

There’s no way to positively confirm how many SP’s have actually been declared to date because the lists are no longer being broadly published. However, FLAG ED 2830 – SUPPRESSIVE PERSONS AND SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS LIST which was released in September of 1991 does give some insight.  It listed over 5000 individuals, many of which were old-time Scientologists, personal friends of LRH, high ranking Sea Org members, OT VII’s, and even Class XII auditors personally trained by LRH.  And I can only assume that the list has grown to an even greater monstrosity in the 21 years since then.

I somehow doubt that LRH would have intended this to happen.

“You should upgrade your idea of what an SP is. Man, meet one sometime! A real one! A real monster…. Well, in all the time we’ve been around here we only had one SP that I know of. One real SP that was on staff…. And I don’t know of another single SP that we’ve ever had on staff. Isn’t that interesting. You see all these SP orders and so on… Don’t throw it around carelessly, because this is an–a very exaggerated condition, SP.” [Lecture 19 July 1966, “About Rhodesia”]

It makes me wonder if even LRH himself would have ended up getting declared by today’s Church just like the rest of us.  Regardless, I do feel like I am in good company as one of the “Suppressive Persons.”


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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