Find Out For Yourself

Yes, “find out for yourself” as long as you do it through the Church’s approved websites and publications.  “Find out for yourself” as long as you don’t come to conclusions that conflict with the powers-that-be.  Is this really what the Church of Scientology has become? It certainly is not what is written in its bylaws:

“Scientology is the organization of the fundamentals of existence into axioms and workable technologies in the tradition of the exact sciences for resolving problems of life and thought and for the freedom of the human spirit. That he who asks a question is closest to the answer, that every question contains its own answer, and further that every problem contains its own solution, and that the technologies of Scientology are of such a nature that a person with a question or a problem may be spiritually assisted or guided to the end that the person is able to answer his own questions and resolve his own problems.” [Ref:]

This is one of the biggest differences in my opinion between the religion of Scientology compared to others.  The fact that we are encouraged to think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions – even if they differ from the founder – is unique to Scientology.  There is no other religion that I know of that allows this freedom.  And it is this difference I believe that makes Scientology such a draw for intelligent, free-thinking individuals.

However, it is this very point that has been corrupted within the Church.  Scientologists have become afraid of their own thoughts for fear they might become “disaffected.”  They are constantly told what to think and how out-ethics they are even though these two things (invalidation and evaluation) are the cardinal sins of Scientology.  I’m sure any Scientologist can give plenty of examples of Reg interviews, Ethics interviews, Sec Check sessions, or recovery cycles where they have personally experienced this.

It is this one point that I think can ultimately defeat the Church.  It may be able to dominate the 20-percent who are pre-disposed to this type of thought control; however, it will never work for the rest. Especially, when this type of practice is diametrically opposed to one of the most basic tenets of its own religion.

In order for Scientologists to move forward, they must truly find out for themselves and stop listening to what they are being told. For, in the end it is always best to shine a light on the truth, and take responsibility for whatever comes up. In this way, hopefully they can continue to be proud to call themselves Scientologists.


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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