My Declaration

I recently received the following message from one of my Facebook friends:

“Hi… I was on staff with you in Pasadena! I was told to remove you from my friends due to SP… But, I would actually like to know your side of the story before I just delete someone that has never done me any harm! I have seen too much of this lately with SP’s, and myself gone through things!”

I did appreciate that she had the courage to actually confront me and get in communication with me despite being told to disconnect from me. However, I found it quite disturbing that she was the first one I was hearing about this from. So, I asked her who she was told this by, and her response was:

“[The Dir I&R] from Pasadena Org sent me a msg.”

So, I sent a text to the Dir I&R in order to confirm that I was declared, and she said:

“Here is the DSA number (626) 818-####. Ask her.”

Although, that’s not really an acknowledgement, it certainly isn’t a denial. So, I texted the DSA and simply asked if she could confirm. As of yet, I have not received a response. And if similar stories about how the Church handles these sorts of issues are any indication, I doubt I actually will get any response.

Of course, this is proof of the practice of Disconnection as a Condition even though all of this is would go against “official” Church policy.  I can only assume that the reason for this is because an OSA agent has discovered this blog. However, what High Crime(s) have I actually committed? Let’s take a look at some of those listed in HCO PL 7 Mar 65RB I (a.k.a. HCO PL 23 Dec 65) – Suppressive Acts – Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists.

I suppose it could be claimed that I have committed a high crime by “publicly departing Scientology.” [See My Explanation for Leaving] However, I have never departed Scientology! On the contrary, what I have actually done is rededicated myself to Standard Scientology. The confusion is in the identification of the ideology of Scientology with the Church of Scientology. These two things are not the same. I have left the Church, but I can never leave Scientology.

Maybe the charge then is “Public disavowal of Scientology or Scientologists in good standing with Scientology organizations.” However, once again I believe that it is the reverse that has occurred. I have never publicly denied a connection with or knowledge of Scientology or any Scientologist. Although, that is exactly what other members of the Church have been encouraged to do by disconnecting from me!

It’s possible that my blog about A Staff Member Admits to Committing a Crime could be considered a “Public statement against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.” In this I may be guilty. However, I think that my actions should be mitigated by the fact that I was merely attempting to apply a lower Ethics Gradient by “Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.” It just so happens that this blog is a comm line for me to do that.  And, in actuality, it was I who was injured by a crime in this case, which specifically included a written defamation. I could have brought a libel suit for such an action. However, my intention was not to cause harm to a Scientologist. My purpose was to help get some real Ethics in.

The biggie is probably statements I have made about C.O.B. such as “David Miscavige Must Go.” This could be considered “Engaging in malicious rumormongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to ‘safeguard’ a position.” Perhaps, I am truly interested in undermining his authority. But, that’s because I consider it illegitimate and abused. And I am not spreading rumors, nor have I acted out of anything but concern for the future of Scientology. I have instead submitted numerous Knowledge Reports detailing factual evidence to the proper authorities.  But, of course, these reports fell on deaf ears.

Despite all of this, I still find it really hard to believe that if LRH were still around, he would declare me a suppressive person for what I have done. I imagine he would have rather applauded me for being expelled from a suppressive organization. For, it is better that I no longer be confused for someone who supports such a group. Indeed, for me to continue to do so would truly mark me as a suppressive person.

I will instead take this as a final declaration of my independence from the Church. For, there will come a day when Auditors of the world will unite and finally overthrow this monster. And on that day I will be able to look back and at least say that I did not stand idly by and do nothing.

UPDATE: 5 August 2013, I have finally received a response from the DSA in the form of a meeting in the parking lot outside a local Mission in order to show me the official Declare Order.  Indeed, I was charged with the above “High Crimes”, plus a couple more for good measure.  So, it’s official. In the last couple of days the DSA has been contacting every Scientologist that I have known in order to show them my goldenrod, and to inform then that they will get declared as well unless they disconnect from me.  So, I guess it’s time for me to “come out of the closet” as it were.  I’ll have updated my About Me page with my real name and a more detailed bio.


About Shawn Mars Nagano

“And somebody has to rise up and say, ‘Auditors of the world, unite. Overthrow this monster!’” -L. Ron Hubbard
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